It’s here! Join Orfeus, her allies and foes in another epic adventure in the solarpunk world of Earth’s far future! Available direct from us or wherever you get yourbooks!

Orfeus the hunter is searching for redemption in the wake of destruction…

Orfeus has always loved grand gestures. And what could be grander than risking her life to gain entry to the fabled Cloud Forest to find one of humanity’s greatest losses and make a gift of it to her beloved? But the cost proves higher than she could have ever imagined and now she is on the run, navigating a whole new world of danger with few allies and even fewer friends. Arcon, the Cloud Forest’s mechanized guardian, is determined to track her down, even if it means destroying everything in their way. Even if it means convincing Jean, a traumatized young trans man escaping a cult, to host them in order to complete their mission. Can Orfeus figure out a way out of the mess that she’s created and work with the Order of the Vengeful Wild to fix what she’s broken before their world is pushed once more to the brink?

Announcement: author Rem Wigmore has decided to take another direction with their writing career so we have begun to take our edition of their novels Foxhunt and Wolfpack out of circulation in order to revert their rights to them. These editions will be available through our website, our Smashwords store (and other locations that they distribute to, including Barnes & Noble, etc.) and Amazon through 2/12. Other outlets will continue to sell their remaining stock until it runs out so if you’d like to get either or both books in this edition, we recommend picking them up this week. https://queenofswordspress.com/product-tag/hopepunk/

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3 reviews for Wolfpack

  1. Queen of Swords

    Nimue Brown of Druidlife says Wolfpack is “It’s a story about how we move on together, how we heal together, how we look after each other and this is such good and needful stuff to be talking about.
    Read rest of the review here.

  2. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Elizabeth Fitzgerald at Nerds of a Feather says “Wolfpack is a spiky solarpunk that wrestles with questions of leadership and belonging.”
    Read review here.

  3. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Maryann at Queer Sci-Fi says: “Wolfpack is an expertly-written tale set in a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, solar punk world, following up on book one, Foxhunt. The author expands on each character and the diversity of their world. There are many emotional scenes in this fantastically told story.

    This book is all about healing and caring for each other and keeping the lines of communication open. But most of all, it’s about getting along regardless of our differences, and the need to keep the world green, now and for the future.” read the entire review here.

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