We will open for queries for novel manuscripts (80-95k words) on June 1st. The reading period will run through July 15th. We will be looking for books to add to our 2020 and 2021 release calendar.

  • Query with novel synopsis and first three chapters – standard manuscript format.
  • Full manuscripts only upon request. Seriously. We’ll tell you if we want to see it.

Query for single author collections – not open at this time. Soooonnn…for relative values of soon. Hopefully later on this year.

Reading period: June 1 – July 15th

Submissions email:

Things to be aware of: We are a very small press and cannot pay advances at this time. No, this is not open to discussion.

Things we would like to read:

Mannerpunk/comedy of manners fantasy or science fiction
Historical fantasies or science fiction with historical elements
Women with swords
LGBTQ and/or POC protagonists having adventures in fantastical or sfnal settings with historical elements
Interesting ghost stories, if you can show us something we haven’t seen before.
Mysteries with sfnal or fantastical elements.
Weird westerns/steampunk

Things that are not a great fit for us at this time:
Romances without fantastical or historical content. Pure romances are going to be a hard sell.  Also not interested in YA, Middle Grade, children’s books, literary fiction, nonfiction, mysteries without fantastical content, grimdark fantasies about “blokes in cloaks,” hard science fiction, erotica, poetry and probably other things that we will think of later.

Things we never want to read again/or ever:
Rape and/or abuse as character motivation
We like none of these things: tragic queers who exist only to motivate straight characters, red-shirted characters of color, female characters who exist to be props and/or hero motivation, egregious stereotypes.
Graphic horror/serial killers.

If you have a question about whether or not we might want to see your synopsis, feel free to ask. Do not self-reject.

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