Upcoming Events



  • We’re taking January a bit slow. Catherine did a book club appearance is updating our TikTok with some short videos about our books and our history to celebrate our 7th birthday. Also going on: edits! And planning! We’re putting out 7 books this year – Terror at Tierra de Cobre by Michael Merriam (Weird West novella with ensemble cast) and Melissa Scott’s Astreiant Series, which includes 5 previously published books (Point of Hopes, etc.) and a brand new novella! It’s going to be a great year!


  • Capricon 44 – February 1-4, Chicago, IL. Catherine Lundoff is one of the Guests of Honor and on a bunch of programming items. Author Michael Merriam will also be attending.
  • Queer Writes – February 25, 12- 5PM. Urban Growler Brewery, St. Paul, MN. New local event for writers, publishers and bookstores hosted by Twin Cities Pride. We’ve got a table and will be there with books.


  • MarsCon – March 8-10, Minneapolis, MN. Author Michael Merriam is a Guest of Honor and we’ll be there with a book table and his latest books and more!
  • Cleveland Concoction – March 8-10, Cleveland, Ohio. Author Melissa Scott is a Guest of Honor at Cleveland Concoction.
  • Minicon – March 29-31, Minneapolis, MN. Catherine Lundoff, Jennie Goloboy and Michael Merriam will be there and on programming. We have a Queen of Swords Press reading on Saturday from 3-4!




  • Pride Month StoryBundle – Kicks off May 31 and runs through July 1.  14 books by amazing queer authors and we’re raising funds for Rainbow Railroad again!
  • Story Hour – June 5th. Online, 7PM PST. Author Dee Holloway will be reading along with another guest writer to be announced.
  • 4th Street Fantasy – June 14-16, Minneapolis, MN. Catherine Lundoff will be attending.
  • Midwest Book Awards – June 22nd, 6:30-9:30 PM, Minneapolis, MN. Death by Silver by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold is a finalist.
  • Temporal Textual Talks Virtual Book Club – June 23rd, 4:30-6:30 PM PST. Death by Silver by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold is the featured title and Catherine and at least one of the authors will be there.
  • Twin Cities Pride – June 29th-30th, Minneapolis, MN. We’ll have a table in the Queer Writes tent (over by the bridge to the Sculpture Garden)!



  • Mythcon – August 2nd-5th, Minneapolis. Michael Merriam will be tabling with a selection of Queen of Swords Press titles and his other books.
  • Boom Con – August 10th, Minnnetonka, MN. Michael Merriam will be tabling with a selection of Queen of Swords Press titles and his other books.
  • Glasgow Worldcon – August 8th-12th, Glasgow, Scotland. Catherine, Heather, Jennie and Alex will all be there in person.
  • Carver County Pride – August 31st, Carver County Fairgrounds, Carver County, MN. Queen of Swords Press will have a table.



  • Saratoga Book Festival – October 5th-6th, Saratoga Springs, NY. Author Dee Holloway will have an author table.
  • Twin Cities Book Festival – October 19th, 9:30-5PM, St. Paul, MN. P
  • World Fantasy Convention – October 17th-20th, Niagara Falls, NY. Catherine Lundoff will be participating in the online portion of the con.
  • WROTE Podcast – October 25th. Catherine will be back as a guest!


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