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Queen of Swords Press is no longer the publisher of Foxhunt and Wolfpack, but we put a lot of effort into the books so we’re leaving this up so that the cover art and book design can still be appreciated. Laya Rose did both of the gorgeous covers and T.M. Roy created beautiful interiors for them, including these frontispieces. Please hire them for your projects! They do great work.






2021 Rainbow Awards – Best Transgender Book Runner Up

2022 Sir Julius Vogel Award Finalist for Best Novel 

2022 Sir Julius Vogel Award Winner – Best Cover Art to Laya Rose

Read the rest of the Publishers Weekly starred review here.

Sequel: Wolfpack

Announcement: author Rem Wigmore has decided to take another direction with their writing career so we have begun to take our edition of their novels Foxhunt and Wolfpack out of circulation in order to revert their rights to them. These editions will be available through our website (print available until we run out of stock), our Smashwords store (and other locations that they distribute to, including Barnes & Noble, etc.) and Amazon through 2/12. Other outlets will continue to sell their remaining stock until it runs out so if you’d like to get either or both books in this edition, we recommend picking them up this week.

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11 reviews for Foxhunt/Wolfpack Artwork Informational Page

  1. Queen of Swords

    “Wigmore combines gorgeous description of a greener future, brutal and fast paced action, snappy banter, and genuine tenderness, to form an original and well-realised story of a future we can hope for, and what we have to fear along the way.”

    – Andi C. Buchanan, From a Shadow Grave

  2. Queen of Swords

    “Wigmore deftly weaves solarpunk science, magic, and far-future communities. A wonderful array of queer characters populates every corner of the colourful and cinematic story; Orfeus is a tricky and enthusiastic delight.”
    – A.J. Fitzwater, The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper

  3. Queen of Swords

    Publishers Weekly says: It’s an inclusive, optimistic vision of the future, rounded out by beautiful imagery and an effortlessly diverse cast. This enthralling story is a winner.” Read the rest of the starred review here.

  4. Queen of Swords

    Brilliant writing and unforgettable characters!
    Queen of Swords Press staff

  5. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Elizabeth Fitzgerald of Earl Grey Editing says, “This focus on community may make the story sound like a cosy one. And to some degree it is. But this is also a story about making difficult decisions — to do the things no one else wants to do, or do the necessary thing even if you don’t want to. It’s a story with sharp edges, showing that no utopia is perfect and that any system is flawed.” Read the entire review here.

  6. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Author Octavia Cade says “I do love concision, and there’s so much crammed in here! It’s just a compact and fascinating read.” Read the rest of the review here.

  7. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Reviewer Keith John Glaeske at Out of Print Reviews says: “Foxhunt is a welcome addition to the Queen of Swords catalog: truly imaginative world-(re)building, diverse characters, breathtakingly paced action, a sense of mystery, and moral complexity will keep readers engaged, turning pages until the end, and wondering when Orfeus’ adventures will continue.”
    Read the rest of the review here.

  8. Justine Norton-Kertson

    Wigmore creates a beautiful world that, while still far from perfect, is a great example of the diversity, ecology, and utopian ideal that are hallmarks of solarpunk. I already want to read this book again.
    -Justine Norton-Kertson, co-editor-in-chief at Solarpunk Magazine

  9. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Bookforager says that CINRAK is “is both a joyful and rebellious book.” Read the rest of the review here.

  10. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    “Foxhunt is an incredibly enjoyable, fast-paced romp at the same time as it is a story that delves deep into the heart of its protagonist. That heart yearns even as it steels itself, and the yearning slow burn of the romance is delicious. It’s a bright look at the future, with smart worldbuilding; for me a wonderful introduction to the genre of solarpunk.” Check out the rest of this great review at the Rainbow Bookshelf.

  11. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    “I highly recommend Foxhunt, an immensely entertaining, diverse and dynamic novel.” Maryann, reviewer at Queer Sci-Fi. Read the entire review here.

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