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FOXHUNT is here!

 FOXHUNT is a science fiction novel with a queer trans woman protagonist and a cast of LGBTQ+ characters. It is set several hundred years in Earth’s future, after a climate apocalypse. The new society is solar-powered, so it’s solarpunk; it deals with climate change and the impacts thereof, so it’s climate fiction; and it’s hopeful about humanity’s future, which is what makes it hopepunk. Welcome to my TED talk about current genre jargon! FOXHUNT has some great early reviews, including a starred review in Publishers Weekly! – FOXHUNT has an amazing cover by Hugo Award-nominated artist Laya Rose and gorgeous print book design by Terry Roy.  FOXHUNT is available direct from Queen of Swords Press and everywhere else in print (note: we have a processing delay in our book order, but will have print copies in a couple of days) and ebook. Check out the video of Rem’s  reading and stay tuned for a book giveaway this weekend and a Twitter interview with Rem Wigmore at @qospress and more fun things on the way!

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