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New interviews and more excitement!

A.J.’s been busy! Check out a new interview on Quilted Bananas Radio (6/7 show) on Wellington Access Radio and another new interview on the Standing Room Only Podcast. If you live in New Zealand, keep an eye on the Sunday livestyle magazine on 7/19 for a profile of A.J. And there’s more ahead! Stay tuned!

You can watch a video of Catherine Lundoff’s recent talk at DreamHaven Books on 6/17 on our YouTube channel. DreamHaven is still recovering from the COVID-19 shutdown, followed by burglary, vandalism and attempted arson two weeks ago during the riots that tore Minneapolis apart after George Floyd’s murder so we’re encouraging people to buy our books and any others that strike your fancy from them. They also have a fundraiser that hasn’t met its goal yet.

Look for us at Twin Cities Virtual Pride next weekend! We’ll have a “booth” all weekend (and a sale! Use coupon TCPride2020 at checkout) and a virtual hangout on 6/28 from 5-7PM CST.

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