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Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) is up for preorder and more!

Scourge of the Seas of time (and Space), our forthcoming fantastical pirate stories anthology, is up for preorder. Right now, it’s just preorder for the ebook editions, but print is coming soon! Scourge will be releasing on 12/1/18 and we’ll be having a release party at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis on 12/5. Scourge will be available at our other December events as well – stay tuned!

We’re looking at adding a YouTube channel soon so you can watch short videos of our authors readings and other related content. More on this soon (and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing).

Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures by Alex Acks is a Bisexual Book Awards nominee! It’s also an IPPY (independent publisher’s award) nominee, along with Medusa’s Touch by Emily L. Byrne (different categories). Medusa’s Touch is also a Goldie Awards nominee. Here’s hoping for good award news this year!

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