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Spontaneous online WisCon!

So there wasn’t going to be a WisCon this year, but then a bunch of folks decided to put one together with spontaneous online and onsite programming (at the Concourse) and an Otherwise Award auction and vidding. Then we stepped up and asked if we could do something for the vendors and artists and the answer was a resounding “YES!” Starting Friday, we’ll be boosting each other on social media using the #VWisconDealersRoom and #VWisconArtShow hashtags so please follow along. We might have a Discord chat as well, still working out the details on that. Anyway, come do the fun-filled shopping that you would be doing if we were all at the Concourse and enjoy!

We have a sales coupon that is good for this week! Get 15% off all purchases from our site through 6/1 using coupon WisCon21 at check out.


Here’s the listing for everyone:

A lot of the dealers and artists who go to to WisCon every year make a solid chunk of their annual income from it, so having it not  be in person (and the economy tanking and all) twice in a row means that everyone is taking a hit, including Queen of Swords Press. Therefore, we’re having a virtual Art Show and Dealer’s Room Show. I expect to be adding more folks to this list, but here’s the initial round. We might get something up at the Queen of Swords Press Discord, but it will be less grand than I originally imagined. But there are deals to be had and cool things to acquire! We’ll be boosting on Twitter and else where using the hashtags #VWisconArtShow and #VWisconDealersRoom. In the meantime, please check these folks out and consider buying a thing or two.

Art Show:

Lots of cool stuff to look at and be sure to check out the WisCon feed and blog for other fun things as they get added!

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