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Upcoming sales and news

End of year book sales!

We’re participating in the overlapping IHeartLesfic Holiday Mega Sale (12/26/19-12/29/19) and the Smashwords End of Year Sale (12/26-1/1/20). Because of the time needed to get the sale prices on all global platforms and how different platforms match pricing, you may start seeing some sale prices today (12/23) and more tomorrow before the official start date of 12/26/19. We will start sales direct from our website tomorrow (12/24). Please enjoy and pick up some fun reads for your holiday season!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Hanukkah, Festivus, Christmas, Yule and/or a pleasant holiday week, however or whatever you may be celebrating! Thank you all so much for supporting Queen of Swords Press and our authors!

Stay tuned for our 3rd birthday celebration in January! We’ll be having a birthday party at The Irreverent Bookworm bookstore in Minneapolis on 1/25/19 from 2-5PM as well as an online celebration and prize drawing!


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