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Updates from Worldcon 75 panels

Had a great time at Worldcon 75 in Helsinki! Rosebud Books was able to sell all the copies of our titles that we brought with us and Catherine Lundoff had a great time on her panels!

There were a couple of followup items from Catherine’s panels – here are some of the resource lists that she mentioned (or wanted to mention):

Older Women in Speculative Fiction: Catherine’s book and story list of older women as protagonists in science fiction, fantasy and horror. Sidsel Pedersen had turned it into a Goodreads list that you can add to or use to build a reading list of your own. Catherine has a shorter Goodreads list of her reviews of some of the books in the bibliography.

LGBTQ Science Fiction Goes Worldwide – Catherine’s original history of LGBTQ speculative fiction posts here now here. Her updated versions which include more horror and are longer are being posted on a monthly basis on Queer Sci-Fi and her list of speculative fiction with queer female protagonists cane be found here. The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards have a reading list of early works here (see also the award lists) and LGBTQ Reads for more recent works.


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