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January – Happy Birthday to Us!

Welcome to 2022! We turn 5 years old this very month and we are so very excited to share that with you! If you’ve bought and/or reviewed out books, supported our Patreon, hosted us and helped us spread the word about our books and the Press, you’ve helped us get here, so thank you very much! And if you’re new here, welcome! We hope you like it.

Now on to the birthday month shenanigans. We had originally hoped to have an in person birthday party at DreamHaven Books, but given where things are at pandemic-wise, decided to postpone a few months. Here’s what we’re doing instead:

  • Follow us on Twitter for fun facts about the Press, our authors, our cover artists and what we’ve been up to.
  • Jennie Goloboy has a terrific new interview and reading from Obviously, Aliens up at the Tales from the Trunk Podcast.
  • The North Country Gaylaxians Book Club hosted a good discussion about The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper by A.J. Fitzwater on 1/11 at 7PM CST.
  • Drawings and readings and other fun stuff! We’ll be doing some prize drawings for newsletter subscribers as well as our Twitter and FB followers, posting some new reading videos and more! Prizes include some of our books, our new tea blend from Bingley’s Teas, a couple of pairs of Elise Matthesen’s book-themed earrings and more! The fun will kick off on 1/15 so please stay tuned.
  • BOOK SALE! Our 5 Day/5th Birthday Book Sales kicks off on 1/27 and runs through 1/31 right here on our website! Buy direct from us for some great deals!
  • Plus, there’ll be a lot of great stuff coming in the rest of 2022! Thanks for joining us!
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