Blood Moon

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2021 Rainbow Awards – Honorable Mention – Best Lesbian Fantasy

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The Return of the Menopausal Werewolves.

The Wolf’s Point werewolf pack, born from the magic that calls small groups of middle-aged women to embrace their inner and outer wolves, has been protecting the town for generations. Now Becca Thornton and the Pack have their hands (and paws) full of all the trouble they can handle. Plus a bit extra. Pack member Erin Adams just found a dead body in the trunk of her car and confessed to murder. But no one’s sure who the victim is and Erin can’t remember what happened. Did Erin fall off the wagon and murder a former foe? She doesn’t trust herself and Becca’s beginning to have her doubts.

If that wasn’t enough, Becca’s ex-husband sold their old house and their new neighbors are clearly up to something. Can the Pack get the mystery solved and Erin’s name cleared before the next full moon? Or do the town’s new residents have other plans

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April 30, 2017




ebook, paperback

7 reviews for Blood Moon

  1. Queen of Swords

    Author C.M. Harris says, “The lupine ladies of Wolf’s Point return in a tense and satisfying sequel to Silver Moon!” Read the rest of her review here.

  2. Queen of Swords

    “The universe and atmosphere Lundoff set this series in work very well for me and I hope we haven’t seen the last of the wolves of Wolf’s Point.” JudeintheStars book blog- read full review here.

  3. Queen of Swords

    Blood Moon is a terrific read and a worthy successor to Silver Moon. Is it too early to start wishing for number three? I think not. Highly recommended.” Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print Queer Book Reviews. Read full review here.

  4. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Hannah Kate of “Hannah’s Bookshelf” on North Manchester FM Radio really likes the way Silver Moon and Blood Moon flow together. Listen to the review here.

  5. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Library Journal says: An intriguing premise about menopausal women and (super)natural change, mixed with a touch of romance and mystery, make for a fun and grounded story. Definitely pair this book with its predecessor, Silver Moon, to understand the characters’ back stories.

  6. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    Critics say Blood Moon is delightful!
    – Queen of Swords Press staff

  7. Roger C Mlynczak

    To quote myself from another review “DAMN YOU for writting this book! I could barely put it down!” This could have easily been a book of werewolf erotica, which I hate: and so does the main character Rebbecca when se sees some in the local store.
    THe Character are believable. The bad guys mysterious. Will be reading “Blood Moon” soon and expect the same out of that novel!

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