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The Language of Roses by Heather Rose Jones is here!

We’re very excited to announce our 14th title – The Language of Roses by Heather Rose Jones is a novella-length queer retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a twist and it is out everywhere today! You can buy direct from us  or at these fine outlets. It’s getting some lovely early reviews on Goodreads!

A Beauty. A Beast. A Curse. This is not the story you know…



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MEDUSA’S TOUCH by Emily L. Byrne releasing 5/23/18 – available for preorder now

We have a new title releasing on 5/23/18 (due to a slight delay). Emily L. Byrne’s Medusa’s Touch is a new science fiction romance, set in the far future. It will be available in ebook initially, and in a print edition later on this summer. It’s currently in preorder!

What’s it about? Glad you asked!

Medusa Pilot Captain TiCara X273, ex-street kid, former bondslave and veteran of the Corps Wars, thought she wanted nothing more than to be captain of her own starship. Or, at least, that was all that she thought she wanted until Sherin Khan came back into her life. A bar singer turned corporate rep, Sherin is now working for Ser Trin Vahn, one of TiCara’s best clients and head of Vahn Corp.

Once they are thrown together on TiCara’s ship, TiCara and Sherin can no longer deny their simmering attraction to each other. But a simple mission to transport the ailing Vahn to the legendary asteroid, Electra 12, for medical treatments turns dark and dangerous as betrayal leads to betrayal. TiCara’s greatest enemy is pursuing them, there’s a traitor on her crew and Sherin has a secret that can tear them apart. Can they learn to trust each other before it’s too late?

“Emily L. Byrne’s Medusa’s Touch draws the reader deeply into her deftly created universe of starships and danger and conflict, with a fascinating main character who is entirely relatable even while she pilots her ship by means of hi-tech tentacle implants. Whether she feels the exultation of being at one with her ship amidst “the splendor of the starfields,” or the ecstasy of sex with the beautiful, mysterious woman she can’t entirely trust, we feel it all with her, and gladly follow her through inner turmoil and blood-stirring battle. “ – Sacchi Green, Editor of Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms


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Starting a Small Press – Catherine Lundoff on starting Queen of Swords Press

This is a video by author Conrad Zero of a talk that our publisher, Catherine Lundoff, gave in November at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis on the nuts and bolts of starting a small press.

Resource List

The Loft Literary Center (Minneapolis/St. Paul) – Offers classes on writing ad copy, evaluating cover art, marketing, etc.

Vellum – Software for formatting ebooks. New print option now also available. I use this to format my ebooks, but haven’t used the print option yet. Mac only, simple interface, short ramp-up time. Can be purchased for individual titles as well as lifetime option.

Jutoh – Software for ebook formatting. I haven’t used it but have seen it recommended by other publishers and indie authors.

Scrivener – Software primarily used for helping authors organize and write their work but can also be used to create formatted ebooks (but not by me so I recommend looking at reviews to see if it will work for you).

Bowker – The site for generating ISBNs for your books. Essential for print books if you want to sell them in stores and a good idea for ebooks as well. Use different ISBNs for the ebook vs. print editions of the same title.

Smashwords – Platform for selling and distributing ebooks. I use it for Kobo,iBooks, B&N, everything except Amazon, which I load to directly.

IngramSpark – I use IngramSpark to print and distribute the print editions of my books.  They produce good quality books at a reasonable price and have good distribution. I use them instead of CreateSpace or Lulu due to reports of quality issues with these two platforms, as well as for their finer points.

Canva – Software for creating advertising and other promotional documentation. There is a free version and a tier of paid versions.

Overdrive – Platform for ebook distribution to libraries. Smashwords includes Overdrive with its standard distribution.

Indie Author/Publisher links

Here are several sites that had a nice selection of reputable options. All of them include advice on various aspects of the indie publishing business, marketing tips, software recommendations and other useful things.