Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures

Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures



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Captain Marta Ramos, the most notorious pirate in the Duchy of Denver, has her hands full, what between fascinating murder mysteries, the delectable and devious Delilah Nimowitz, Colonel Geoffrey Douglas (the Duke of Denver’s new head of security) and her usual activities: piracy, banditry and burglary. Not to mention the horrors of high society tea parties. In contrast, Simms, her second in command, longs only for a quiet life, filled with tasty sausages and fewer explosions. Or does he? Join Captain Ramos, Simms and their crew as they negotiate the perils of air, land and drawing room in a series of fast-paced adventures in a North America that never was.

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January 15, 2018



8 reviews for Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures

  1. Queen of Swords

    Reviewer James Davis Nicoll says: “Of course, plot alone doesn’t make for an entertaining read. Acks’ characters — the eccentric peyote-consuming engineer pirate queen, her often put-upon subordinate, her long-suffering antagonist Douglas [1] ,and the rest of the cast of supporting characters are why you should try Murder on the Titania.” See the rest of his review here:

  2. Queen of Swords

    “I really enjoyed that these stories all used the same world and characters. The linked format lets me get to know the characters and grow attached to them, which is something I can have trouble doing with shorter pieces. All in all, this collection was a ton of fun, and I would be happy to read more mysteries following Captain Ramos!”
    The Illustrated Page

  3. Queen of Swords

    “Take Sherlock Holmes. Make him a Latina railcar pirate in a steampunk Denver where the dead are at risk of rising again and you have Murder on the Titania.”
    Earl Grey Editing, review of Murder on the Titania
    Read full review here.

  4. Queen of Swords

    “Each story is full of twists and turns and delightful surprises. From within her crew, Ramos’ most constant partner is Simms, an exceptionally tall man who wishes things would sometimes be a bit less interesting. Their partnership is delightful to read and has a Sherlock and Watson type of connection.”
    Nerdy Girl Express, review of Murder on the Titania
    Read full review here.

  5. Queen of Swords

    “Imagine, if you will, Sherlock Holmes, only he’s been transformed into a queer Latinx woman with a penchant for piracy, thievery, invention, and exasperating her boring but stolid right-hand man Watson Simms.”
    The Fandomentals, review of Murder on the Titania
    Read full review here.

  6. Queen of Swords

    “I want more! I want Simms spending time with his daughter; I want more clashes between Captain Ramos and Colonel Douglas; I want to see her and Delilah Nimowitz teaming up to solve a mystery (and get up to other hijinks as well *cough*). I just want more.”
    Over the Effing Rainbow, review of Murder on the Titania
    Read full review here.

  7. Queen of Swords

    “Do you like steampunk? Do you like clever rogues outsmarting the authorities? Do you like exquisite little mysteries and derring-do? Then I think you’ll enjoy this book.” Heather Rose Jones, The Lesbian Review. Read full review here.

  8. Queen of Swords

    “In the end, my best metric for whether I enjoyed a book (or collection of stories) or not is found in the answer: Would I buy another book about these people, given the opportunity?
    In this case, yes. Hell, yes. Tomorrow if possible.
    Especially if there’s more Delilah.” Lane Robins, Speculative Chic. Read full review here.

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