Last Car to Annwn Station

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Last Car to Annwn Station by Michael Merriam – available everywhere and there’s a playlist!

One week to save the child, bargain with Death and get the girl… 

Child Protective Services Attorney Maeve Malveaux is sure that Chrysandra Arneson needs to be rescued from her rich, powerful and abusive family. But how? Her boss won’t listen to her and neither will the judge. But after she gets taken off the case and sent on involuntary leave to get her out of the way, she’s determined to find out what’s going on.

She’s not counting on joining forces with Jill, the gorgeous law librarian from work, and a mismatched collection of fairy folk. Or getting the ghostly assistance of the long-defunct Minneapolis streetcar system. And, perhaps, even a hand from Death himself. Mae and Jill are about to be caught up in a supernatural power struggle that will take them on an adventure from the Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis into faery realms and beyond. All they need is a dime for the streetcar fare and a little help from their new allies to be on their way. But will it be enough to save a little girl and get them where they need to go? They’ve only got a week to find out..

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4 reviews for Last Car to Annwn Station

  1. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    We think it’s pretty terrific! Sapphic urban fantasy set in Minneapolis, circa 2007 – Welsh mythology meets the ghosts of the old streetcar line in Uptown, with a side trip to Lake Minnetonka. Fast-paced, dark and splendid. Kind of like Minneapolis winter. – Staff Review

  2. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    5 star review from Worlds of Mayhem! “There is so much Minnesota in this book, grounding the reader in reality before slowly sliding the narrative into the surreal of ghostly street cars slipping through downtown unseen.”

  3. Scott Burtness

    A satisfying modern fairy tale. The world is inventive and engaging, the characters are well-developed, and the story will pull you forward to a very unexpected ending. Recommended for fans of fast paced urban fantasy with a darker edge.

  4. Queen of Swords (verified owner)

    “So of course I was going to read an urban fantasy novel featuring ghostly streetcars, a lesbian love story and a kid in danger. And so should you, because Last Car to Annwn Station is a great novel.” Read rest of the review here.
    Hugo Award-winning blogger and reviewer Cora Buhlert

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